Atelier Attraktiv & Preiswert


atelier attraktiv und preiswert is a young architecture office. finding simple spacial concepts for the complex, aap is working within everyday environment and materiality, approaching the future by appropriating the known.

arian freund - max paul - marin roche

new typology + risoworkshop

nt riso nt working

the workshop was organised at the institut für architektur of the tu berlin through the roundabout e.v.. by transcending, fracturing, subverting, circumventing, interrogating, disrupting, hijacking and appropriating existing typologies, laid out in the exhibition room on a4 templates, participants created new typologies in the form of drawings and collages. these will be part of an upcoming roundabout e.v. publication, using the newly acquired risograph printer that was inaugurated on that occasion.


omu axo omu axo omu section omu pers 1 omu pers 2

this project was an event proposal for the 50-years jubileum of o. m. ungers' appointment as a professor at the tu berlin. referencing an anecdote about ungers' printer being used by students to protest against him, texts from professors and students dealing with o.m.u's work were to be reproduced on a printer in the center of an arena, thus creating a space of discourse and discussion about o.m.u.'s legacy at the tu berlin.


transformation of the galerie ebensperger

ep floorplan ep visu ep modules

using similar principles to those of the schlüterstraße galery, the basement of a former crematorium was transformed into an exhibition space used mainly for sculptures, paintings and performances. the intervention consisted of a podium bringing together rooms of different level and functioning as a bench during vernissages and performances, and a white wall using the same cheap an reusable modules as the schlüterstraße. again, the project was self-built.

exhibition design schlüterstraße 40

s40 axo s40 ambiance s40 general s40 closeup s40 party

this project is the outcome of the possibility for two young galleries, new art club (berlin) and tag team (bergen) to organize an exhibition on a construction site in berlin-charlottenburg for the gallery weekend 2015.

vertical exhibition surfaces had to be built at a very low cost to divide the first floor and provide a white plane for the artworks. because of the limited budget, the project constited of simple interventions and was self-built.

deconstructed white cubes structure the big surface in two exhibition spaces and a café and party space. the rotation allows a dialog to begin between the white, jointless surface and the raw concrete on the exhibition side, which was used by the artists in contextual works. on the café side, the visible construction and the uncoated wood give warmth and dynamic to the room, creating a motive to which the bar team reacted when building the counter and the dj stand.

the lightning follows the same economic and compositional principles: neons are mounted on wooden frames and provide a bright, cold light. on the café side, warmer bulbs were used and increased the contrast between exhibition and party spaces.

photographs © 2015 gabriel roche-tamic

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